Vaporesso Transformer RDA


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Specifications for Transformer RDA

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer
  • manufacturer: Vaporesso
  • Size: Φ22mm * 31mm
  • Capacity: 0ml
  • Weight: 60g
  • is rebuildable
  • has a Airflow Control
  • Prebuild Coils are not available
  • Plus pole is adjustable
  • Connector: 510
  • supports 1 coil
  • supports 2 coils
  • Bottom feeder support
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The Transfomer RDA by Vaporesso is designed to accomplish what you once thought was impossible. One of the most versatile rebuildable dripping atomizers on the market, the Transformer is an impressive piece of technology which comes in many color options. Supporting your every desire when it comes to your build, it features a fully rebuildable deck, arrangeable to 2 posts velocity style or post-less; and exchangeable sleeves to fit builds at different levels and your preferred style choice. You’ll have an astounding 10 building options available at all times; from single to quadruple coil! Now you know that, whatever your taste, you have the RDA to fuel your fantasies

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