Vaporesso ORC


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Specifications for ORC

Tank Atomizer
  • manufacturer: Vaporesso
  • Size: Φ23mm * 6.5mm
  • Capacity: 3ml
  • Weight: 0g
  • has a Airflow Control
  • Prebuild Coils are available
  • Plus pole is floating
  • Connector: 510
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The ORC tank is all about convenience. Vaporesso have developed an innovative twist off tank which allows the user to replace the drop-in coil from the base, even with a full tank, without getting in contact with the potentially harmful juice! The base is adopted as a sealing gear for the coil's chamber, which means you will no longer have to screw your vape atomizer in or out of its socket but simply "drop it" there. Refilling the tank and changing coils can be a stern test for inexperienced vapers and those who’re all thumbs! This can lead to small parts going missing, and messy spillages of your e-juice! The ORC changes that, and also includes a base airflow system for purer tastes and better burn. We've got your backs. Get ready to take it easy!

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