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Specifications for Target Pro      

Tank Atomizer
  • manufacturer: Vaporesso
  • Size: Φ22mm * 53.5mm
  • Capacity: 2.5ml
  • Weight: 60g
  • has a Airflow Control
  • Prebuild Coils are available
  • Plus pole is floating
  • Connector: 510
  • Has top fill
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The Target Pro vape tank treads the line between ease-of-use, tank capacity, customisability, and compatibility perfectly. It’s Vaporesso’s ‘all rounder.’ Why? It includes the safety and mess-free elements that casual vapers love, such as simple top fill and leak proof 2.5ml pyrex casing. However it also includes CCELL coils which can be swapped for the metal that suits your tastes, and in general can be used at higher temperatures than most other coils, yielding pure tastes and more vapour! Finally the Target Pro tank looks great! Its sleek design comes in a variety of 5 colours to suit your tastes and the mod you’re using it with, and its 5/10 thread connector you’ve got the freedom to use it with any vapes you like!

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