Wotofo Atty Cubed


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Specifications for Atty Cubed

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer
  • manufacturer: Wotofo
  • Size: Φ22mm * 29mm
  • Capacity: 0ml
  • Weight: 65g
  • is rebuildable
  • Prebuild Coils are not available
  • Plus pole is floating
  • Connector: 510 Thread
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Unique Box Mod Centric Design and Form Factor Split Center Post with 2mm Post Holes Deckmilled Negative Posts with 2mm Post Holes 6mm Deep Juice Well Dual Staggered Airslot Airflow Stagger Cut Airflow Adjustable Top Cap 11mm Ultrabore Broadcap 510 Adapter German Made PEEK Insulator 304 Stainless Steel Silver Plated Contact Atty Cubed RDA by Wotofo is the essential box mod specific RDA, combining a very strong feature set, high quality machining, and a box mod centric form factor. The Atty Cubed features a split positive center post and deck-milled negatives, with each post hole measuring 2mm in diameter. Coupled with a 6mm deep juice well, the Atty Cubed can accommodate a wide variety of build configurations. Airflow is designed as dual staggered airslots, each measuring 7mm by 2mm, allowing absolutely tremendous airflow. Paired with the specifically designed top cap that allows for the opening and closing of each airslot, airflow can be throttled up and down for any particular preference. A Wotofo Threaded Broadcap features a delrin competition ultrabore of 11mm, with a traditional 510 adapter included to allow for traditional drip tips. Manufactured out of the 304 Stainless Steel, the Atty Cubed also features German made PEEK insulators, maximizing heat resistance to withstand the most strenuous builds.

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