Wotofo Dual Postless Deck Conqueror


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Specifications for Dual Postless Deck Conqueror

Rebuildable Tank Atomizer
  • manufacturer: Wotofo
  • Size: Φ22mm * 60.8mm
  • Capacity: 4ml
  • Weight: 0g
  • is rebuildable
  • has a Airflow Control
  • Prebuild Coils are not available
  • Plus pole is floating
  • Connector: Gold plated 510 pin Thread
  • supports 1 coil
  • supports 2 coils
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The Conqueror utilizes one of the first dual coil postless build decks found in a rebuildable tank system, allowing users to create even more dynamic horizontal coil based systems with the additional deck space, while implementing an independently adjustable juice flow control, a top fill system. dual postless build deck 22mm diameter 4ml tank capacity dual function top cap independent chimney control top fill capability dual adjustable airflow slots gold plated contact PEEK insulator made in Germany high quality stainless steel and glass construction anti-heating design drip tip Specifications: 1. Postless deck with dual coil design, big size coil is also perfect 2. Juice hole, cotton & coils are nearly the same level, cotton will never dry as the juice was conductive very smoothly 3. Air hole is under the coil directly , cloud direct to your mouth quicky at the first time, flavor will be more richer 4. Independent inner chimney control the juice flow, fit for all VG ejuice (100% VG ejuice is fine)

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